Safety4sea - Floating (Production) Storage and Offloading (F(P)SO) facilities

FPSO assessments must be conducted by independent assessors, along with at least one representative of the FPSO. The scope of the assessment is focused on:

Lead auditor training
A marine qualification
FPSO or other Floating Offshore Installation service in a senior rank
Supervisory/management experience in a similar type of facility

Pre-assessment activities:
To help the FPSO prepare for the assessment, the assessor should give the FPSO a copy of the assessment guidelines and a clearly defined scope so that they have a clear understanding of the assessment process.

Conducting the assessment:
The assessment should start with an opening meeting to brief the FPSO's management and operating supervisors on the process. It is important to agree on the assessment schedule and on the FPSO personnel that will be available.

The assessment should end with a meeting with the local management and operating supervisors, during which the assessor will present the findings before writing the final report. A full assessment report should be prepared for the FPSO management team's consideration and guidance, within an agreed timeframe.

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Sep 26, 2019
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